Shohaku Okumura

‘ “Therefore, water is in places that are not rivers and seas; it is just that, when water descends to earth, it works as rivers and seas.” This is the same as our life force: it works in certain ways. To be a writer is not my essence. It is simply a part within the […]

Dale S. Wright

‘Seeing all things wisely, as “empty” of their “own-being,” the bodhisattva begins to live differently in the world. Based on the vision that this perspective enables, this new way of living absorbs energy from the surrounding world and transmits quantities of energy that can be absorbed by others. Wisdom empowers that ability, in part by […]


‘The power of trust is to be fooled by the self and have nowhere to escape. It is to be called by someone else and turn your head around. It is to be just here from birth to old age…  The power of effort is to speak of what action cannot express, to act what […]

Shohaku Okumura

‘Common sense tells us that water is in a river, ocean, lake, or bowl, and that it comes out when we tip the bowl. Dogen says that wherever water goes, that place becomes a river; where water stays becomes a lake; where water becomes large and rests becomes an ocean. There is no ocean, river […]

Issho Fujita

‘In sense perception psychology, it is taught that the scope of what we can perceive is quite limited. For example, people are able to perceive sounds anywhere between a vibration frequency of 20 per second on the low end to 20,000 vibrations per second on the high end. We are not able to perceive sound […]


The Way of the Ancestors coming from the West I transmit to the East. Yearning for the ancient ways, Catching the moon, cultivating the clouds, Untouched by worldly dust fluttering about— Thatched hut, snowy evening, deep mountain.

Of The World

My post yesterday prompted a correspondent to ask, ‘What is going on (actually)? Do you have some verbal answer?’ I suggested in reply that they go and look out of the window. I received in return a description of things seen and things felt: ‘a very “mundane” verbal description of an experience – and yet, […]