Uchiyama Roshi

‘Expressions like “letting go of thought” or “dropping off body and mind” become mere concepts or words in literature if the audience has not yet awakened to the way-seeking mind. I read a treatise by a scholar who tried to research the meaning of “dropping off body and mind” by referring to much literature. If you […]

Gesshin Greenwood

‘The first thing we learned about at Nisodo was water. In the sleep-dazed morning rush, when people were scolding us about not covering our mouths when we brushed our teeth, there was also a teaching about water. We learned just how much water to pour into the washing basin to wash our face, and we […]


‘Those who look for genuine practice in the way of clouds and water should neither give [the “Five Schools” of Chinese zen] any thought nor bother to remember the differences in the style of teaching. It is the same with the Three Mysteries, the Three Essentials, the Four Positions of Subject and Object, the Four […]

Reb Anderson

‘People often think that they are doing… sitting meditation. They think, I’m sitting upright doing meditation. Right? In a sense, that is meditation on the imputational character of phenomena. The phenomenon of you sitting, the imputational character of it, is that it’s an independent thing, and you, an independent person, make that independent thing happen. […]


‘Dropping off body and mind is good practice. Make a vigorous effort to pierce your nostrils. Karmic consciousness is endless, with nothing fundamental to rely on, including not others, not self, not sentient beings, and not causes and conditions. Although this is so, eating breakfast comes first.’ (Extensive Record, 306) Another gem I am happy to […]


‘Buddhas are those who have comprehended and completed things in the realm of sentient beings; sentient beings are those who have not yet comprehended and completed things in the realm of buddhas. If you want to attain Oneness, just give up both buddhas and sentient beings at once: then there is no “comprehended and completed” […]

Uchiyama Roshi

‘When we hear the word buddha, we usually think of the buddha statues in the main hall of a temple, but those are just dolls. The real buddha is nothing but the zazen we practice. The buddha statues enshrined in the temples are no more than models of zazen. When you clearly understand this, you should then […]