‘Sitting on our cushions we can give birth to immeasurable buddhas, a birth which is exactly no-birth. Holding up Zen boards we can turn the pure Dharma wheel, a turning in which nothing is turned. Directly, bit by bit, we ceaselessly see the Buddha with no special marks, who is exactly true. Moment by moment, […]

Shohaku Okumura

‘Dogen is not saying that there is some absolutely right view (about the nature of water). He’s saying that the right view is to see that our view is limited and conditioned. My point of view is the only way I can see the world. This is not only true for me; it is a […]

Unsettled Conditions

A fearsome wind blew in last Friday, heralding a change from a week of unbroken sunshine to a low pressure system bearing rain. The forecast looked fairly depressing, although it has turned out that the rain is intermittent. It certainly fell hard as I left Cornwall on Sunday with my sister, who had come down […]


‘Unsurpassed bodhi is not for the sake of the self, not for the sake of others, not for the sake of fame, and not for the sake of profit. And yet, single-mindedly seeking unsurpassed bodhi, diligently proceeding without retreat, is called arousing bodhi mind. After this mind has already manifested, not seeking after bodhi, even […]


‘You who rightly transmit the true eye that directly sees Shakyamuni Buddha are more intimate with Shakyamuni Buddha than Shakyamuni Buddha is with himself. With this eye you see and bring forth numerous past and future Shakyamuni Buddhas. Therefore, in order to express adoration to Shakyamuni Buddha, you should profoundly venerate this authentic face-to-face transmission and […]

Shinshu Roberts

‘Each moment is a fresh moment that we can enact to the best of our ability. Each moment is another birth of continuous practice. This is living being-time. This is the shared being-time between ourselves and all beings. Again, this is not abstract. It must be enacted while we wait in line at the supermarket […]

Diane Eshin Rizzetto

‘Freedom from the boundaries of the self rings true joy.’ (Deep Hope) Before I went to England, I stopped in at the bookstore to pick up some incense that Djinn in Belfast had asked for. Arlene, who you will know if you have spent time at Zen Center over the years, and who is the embodiment […]