Koun Franz

‘The only zazen is the zazen that’s real, and the only zazen that’s real is the zazen that’s happening right now. The one that happened last week where it felt really good—it’s not real. And the one that you envision ten years from now, after you’ve been doing this every day and it’s really become a part […]

Gesshin Greenwood

‘I’ve spent a lot of time worrying about not knowing what to do in zazen and thinking I am not doing it “right.” I think everyone must go through this. My relationship wth zazen has of course changed over the years, and I don’t worry any more about doing it “wrong” or “right,” as long […]

Suzuki Roshi

‘Without losing, you know, ourselves in city life, you know, to help others– how to help others is the point. We should be– whatever we do we should be Buddhist. To be Buddhist should not be just to practice zazen in calm nice building like a hermit [laughs]. That is not our way. Mahayana bodhisattva […]

Brad Warner

‘The thing I finally learned after around ten or fifteen years of daily sitting was that every thought I had was just a thought. I know that doesn’t sound like much. Everybody knows that! But I really didn’t. Maybe you don’t either. Not really.’ (from Hardcore Zen) The whole post is worth reading, but this is the […]


Unmoving, not cultivating goodness, Ebullient, not doing evil, Serene, detached from the senses, Clear, mind without fixation. (Hui-neng’s death poem, according to The Platform Sutra of the Sixth Patriarch)

Marian Mountain

‘A wall can be a barrier. A wall can be a protection. A wall often represents a problem. Most of us have a tendency to turn our backs on our problems. Facing the wall is turning in the direction in which we will take responsibility for our own problems. Facing away from the wall may […]

Sunshine Days

I leave for England in two and a half weeks, and I do seem to have compacted the time down before then in my mind, so it feels quite imminent. I am trying to make sure loose ends are taken care of – not least by stockpiling posts on here for the next couple of […]