Sunshine Days

I leave for England in two and a half weeks, and I do seem to have compacted the time down before then in my mind, so it feels quite imminent. I am trying to make sure loose ends are taken care of – not least by stockpiling posts on here for the next couple of […]

Dale S. Wright

‘”Emptiness,” understood as the interdependence of all things, functions in meditation to provide the requisite conditions for compassionate generosity. Meditating on interdependence, we develop the realization that we share a collective destiny with others, especially those in our immediate community, but ultimately all living beings.  The more we contemplate it, the more we realize in […]

Soko Morinaga

‘To take the unsettles self in hand, under whatever conditions, and return to the mind with which one set out; to pick oneself up again, after the mind changes, weakens, and breaks down, and stiffen the determination; to carry through the oft-reconstructed original vow – isn’t this the true meaning of courage?’ (Novice To Master) […]

The Language of Power

I have been able to listen to a lot of dharma talks recently, in addition to my usual amount of reading, and that has been helpful as I work on my material for talks I will give while I am in England. One of these was given by Liên, who I have known since we […]

Norman Fischer

‘There is a big difference between regret for having done a harmful action and jumping to the conclusion that we are inherently bad people doomed to do bad things. It is a deeply held Buddhist perspective that there is no such thing as a fixed person, let alone an inherently bad or inadequate person. There […]

angel Kyodo williams

‘Beings are numberless. With practice I promise to notice them and see that there is no separation between us. In this way, I contribute to saving them all. Desires are ceaseless. With practice, I promise to become aware of them, notice them, and allow them to fall away. In this way, I let them pass […]

Suzuki Roshi

‘The most important point is for us to exist in right place in right way. If we exist in right place in right way, everything exists in right place in right way. But usually without being aware of this point we try to change something else where it exists. That is wrong. Even though you […]