Nyogen Senzaki

‘This meditation hall is sometimes quite warm in the summer, and somewhat cold even in early winter, but we always feel it is just right when we have tea together in the kitchen. This is our miracle, and we are satisfied and happy – what else could we want?’ (Eloquent Silence) My experiences of practice […]


(Zen Speaks) This is one of the best-known zen stories, and here it is in its entirety, from ‘being stumped by a nun’ (at least he has some humility about it) to the little boy’s stump of a thumb (like the story of the second patriarch, it wasn’t necessarily a literal severing, if you are […]

Like A Turtle 

The weather turned damp once I moved on from Hereford on Friday; I walked between the two stations in Manchester in a drizzle, which I think has accompanied me on my previous visits there as well. My routes around the country are getting more familiar now – I don’t remember going to Manchester at all […]

Old Stomping Grounds 

I am a week into my trip now, and am still struggling somewhat to be awake at either end of the day here in England. On the other hand, there has only been one day so far when I had anything to get up for, which was the morning of teaching with the Wimbledon group […]


‘Existence cannot be grasped; nonexistence cannot be grasped either. Winter’s cold and summer’s heat cannot be grasped; inside, outside, and in between cannot be grasped. The one who speaks like this cannot be grasped; the one who hears such talk cannot be grasped either. Not even a fine hair can be grasped. Neither you nor I can be […]

Gesshin Greenwood

‘The first thing we learned about at Nisodo was water. In the sleep-dazed morning rush, when people were scolding us about not covering our mouths when we brushed our teeth, there was also a teaching about water. We learned just how much water to pour into the washing basin to wash our face, and we […]

Reb Anderson

‘People often think that they are doing… sitting meditation. They think, I’m sitting upright doing meditation. Right? In a sense, that is meditation on the imputational character of phenomena. The phenomenon of you sitting, the imputational character of it, is that it’s an independent thing, and you, an independent person, make that independent thing happen. […]