I have given a number of dharma talks over the years, mostly at San Francisco Zen Center. A number of them are available on the dharma talk archive at the Zen Center website. I have posted some onto Soundcloud as well, though some older talks have now been erased to make way for newer ones. They are listed below.

Just recently, I have started recording some short meditation guides for Simple Habit; you will need to pay to listen to these, but if you need regular bursts of short instructions, go for it – and of course doing so helps support me to pay the rent.

There was a request to record and post a zazen instruction for people to be able to refer to. This is what I said to the group in Glastonbury in October 2016.

There were two talks at Hebden Bridge on my recent visit to England – a long look at the Tenzokyokun in the afternoon, and an evening talk which took a couple of those themes and blended them with other things I was thinking about, including a familiar koan. One of the first talks I have done with basically no notes.

I edited the talk and discussion from the Santa Cruz Mountains and Rivers in the Zen Mind event in February 2016, which you can find here if you want to hear me wrestling with how to explain Dogen.

I gave two talks during my summer at Tassajara in 2015; the first is a more formal zendo talk, the second a shorter, less formal talk given in the dining room during work period.

This is the most recent talk I gave at City Center, back in May 2015, on the occasion of Bike to Worship week. There is also a video version – this is the only video of me giving a talk so far. Speaking about bicycles and zen was not at all hard for me; it was my first Saturday talk, and also the last I gave as the director of City Center.

Prior to that, here is a Wednesday evening talk from January 2015, inspired by someone from Young Urban Zen and their phone – ‘After all, what would you do with it?’

From 2014, my first summer dharma talk at Tassajara; I was co-leading a zen and yoga retreat called ‘The Dragon Song’, so I talked about music. And Dogen, and dragonflies.

Also from 2014, a talk called ‘Vessels of Enlightenment’, a phrase that just popped into my head one day, as many good things do.

‘Entering the Way with Everyday Mind’ is another City Center Wednesday night talk, from October 2013, grappling with a famous koan.

The first dharma talk I gave at City Center is from January 2013, having gone from being head monk at Tassajara to being director at City Center.


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