Though it is not always my favourite thing to do, I have given a number of dharma talks over the years. A number of them are available on the dharma talk archive at the Zen Center website. I upgraded my plan on WordPress, so that I can now host audio on my site; I will keep a few on Soundcloud in any case.

I have recorded some short meditation guides for Simple Habit; you will need to pay to listen to these, but if you need regular bursts of short instructions, go for it – and of course doing so helps support me to pay the rent – having just accessed the stats for that site, it seems that I am reaching more people on it than any other method I am choosing…

2018 talks

I am recording the talks I am giving in England, and will edit and upload some of them when I get back to my laptop.

Over the course of a few months I gave a series of four talks at the newly renamed Marin Zen Meditation group in San Rafael (at the same beautiful location on the Dominican University campus!), on the Bodhisattva Vows. The first one is here:

the second one is here:

the third one is here:

and the fourth one is here:

After reading Sharon Salzberg’s Real Love while I was in England in the autumn of 2017, I wanted to offer a talk based on some of the themes in the book, and how they resonated with where I wanted my practice to strengthen. That is now online at the Zen Center website.

The second of the two talks I gave in January was at the Dharma Eye zen group in San Rafael. I thought of it as a remix of my Zen Center talk, in that the Bodhisattva’s Four Methods of Guidance was the starting point rather than the conclusion. It is now here:

2017 talks

My dharma sister Djinn sent me a link to the joint talk that she, dharma sister Ann, and I gave in Belfast while I was there in May 2017. Listening back to it again, I appreciate how the years of practice we have all put in have given us closely aligned, but nonetheless individual, views and approaches.

Also from my trip to England in the spring of 2017, here is an podcast I did with Alan from Wimbledon Zen, which is now available; it tells some of my life story and tales of my initial impressions of practising at Zen Center.

I started helping Zen Center with their backlog of talks to be published. As such, it was nice to get my dharma talk, from City Center at the beginning of April 2017, online as part of that. I had to listen to the first few minutes of it to remember what I actually talked about, and wondered whether I should be embarrassed about forgetting, but then I thought number of different teachings I had offered in the two months since – in England, at Tassajara, and back in San Francisco – and did not worry about it. It was about thusness…

Older talks

There was a request to record and post a zazen instruction for people to be able to refer to. This is what I said to the group in Glastonbury in October 2016:

There were two talks at Hebden Bridge on that same visit to England – a long look at the Tenzokyokun in the afternoon, and an evening talk which took a couple of those themes and blended them with other things I was thinking about, including a familiar koan. One of the first talks I have done with basically no notes:

I gave two talks during my summer at Tassajara in 2015; the first is a more formal zendo talk, the second a shorter, less formal talk given in the dining room during work period:

This is a talk I gave at City Center, back in May 2015, on the occasion of Bike to Worship week. There is also a video version – this is the only video of me giving a talk so far. Speaking about bicycles and zen was not at all hard for me; it was my first Saturday talk, and also the last I gave as the director of City Center.

Prior to that, here is a Wednesday evening talk from January 2015, inspired by someone from Young Urban Zen and their phone – ‘After all, what would you do with it?’

From 2014, my first summer dharma talk at Tassajara; I was co-leading a zen and yoga retreat called ‘The Dragon Song’, so I talked about music. And Dogen, and dragonflies.

Also from 2014, a talk called ‘Vessels of Enlightenment’, a phrase that just popped into my head one day, as many good things do.

‘Entering the Way with Everyday Mind’ is another City Center Wednesday night talk, from October 2013, grappling with a famous koan.

The first dharma talk I gave at City Center is from January 2013, having gone from being head monk at Tassajara to being director at City Center. Probably the only one where I reference the Queen.

2 thoughts on “Audio

  1. Hello, Shundo……wonderful to see you at Tassajara again…….I hope you got some rest after your teachings and are feeling much better by now…..Rex and I are back in Chico integrating our Tassajara experience……..such a rich experience is was…….Wanting to make the transition smoother, I was listening to the zen centers dharma talks and heard yours… Our Immeasurable Practice of Love…… I felt moved to let you know how much I appreciated hearing it….very inspiring and authentically spoken…..thank you for sharing………..Real Love……life’s practice.
    Be well, Michele


    1. Hello Michele,

      Thank you for your kind comment. It was lovely to see both of you at Tassajara again, and I hope it was fully nourishing for you. I am glad you enjoyed the talk.


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