I have other forms of online presence:

If you like photographs, please visit my Tumblr. I have decided to stop updating it, but there are 10000 photos there.  If you don’t feel like scrolling through, try the random post button, or try one of the tags on the side, like ‘portfolio’, which has some of my favourites.

At the request of one of my benefactors, I started a Patreon page, where I post from time to time, either musings on aspects of practice, or some photos that might never make it to the Tumblr.

I record short meditation guides for Simple Habit; you will need to pay to listen to these, but if you need regular bursts of short instructions, go for it – and of course doing so helps support me to pay the rent.

Previously, I wrote the Ino’s Blog for two and a half years, starting here and continuing to here. I can generally remember the things I wrote about there, and am reluctant to repeat myself here, so I do sometimes link to my previous musings. The tag cloud can help you find things.

I am not on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram… if someone can give me a compelling reason why I should be, I might reconsider. I feel like I spend enough of my life staring at screens as it is.

2 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. Hi Shundo, thank you for the custom scheduled sit at Wilbur on the 28th of July.
    May Wilbur be clear of the need for closure because of the fires and remain whole through it all.
    namaste, Peter


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