Here The Way Unfolds

Rohatsu sesshin finished last week at City Center and Green Gulch (Tassajara always follows its own timing for this), and was followed by shuso ceremonies at each place. As usual it was enjoyable to go to hang out with friends, peers, teachers, and to participate in the formalities of this always vivid ceremony. I have known Barbara for […]

Fu Hsi

‘If you drown in the middle of the river, what good is it to talk about either shore? If you cling to existence or non-existence, you are mired in the mud of the mind.’ (commentary on the Diamond Sutra)

Sekkei Harada

‘It is tempting to fall into thinking that “Everyday mind is the Way, so whatever I do is zazen.” Those who dislike doing zazen say, “If everything is zazen anyway, why should we do it?” But this is a mistake. If whatever we do is zazen, then zazen is also a part of whatever we […]

Shohaku Okumura

‘When we have full understanding that each of us is living together with all beings, interconnected, we cannot live in the egocentric way. That is the difference. That is also the meaning of Dogen Zenji’s expression shinjin datsuraku, “dropping off body and mind.” That is what our zazen really is. Rujing, Dogen’s teacher, said, “Studying Zen is […]


One glance at the morning star, and the snow got even whiter. The look in his eye chills hair and bones. If earth itself hadn’t experienced this instant, Old Shakyamuni never would have appeared.


‘The way of water penetrates everywhere, above and below, vertically and horizontally. Still, in the sutras it is said that fire and wind go up, while earth and water go down. But this “up and down” bears some study – the study of the up and down of the way of the buddha. [In the […]

Chiang Wei-nung

‘The ten directions are all within the sky. But actually they are all within a single thought of our mind. Using the sky as a metaphor and then dividing it into ten directions reminds us that just as the the ten directions are part of the sky so are the ten realms of existence that […]