Dale S. Wright

‘The meditative cultivation of mindfulness opens us to see situations in a way that is attentive to the sensitivities and needs of everyone involved. It instills a perceptual capacity that most people lack, the ability to perceive nuances in everyday life that signify something important but that typically elude our attention. In this sense, meditation […]

Jane Hirshfield

‘Meditation and poetry writing both require dropping out of the conventional chatter of the more superficial dialogue we’re always having in our brains with the world and with our ego. Both practices depend on diving deeper, into a different layer which is less busy and a great deal more receptive. Receptive to what exactly? A […]

The Diamond Sutra

‘Furthermore, Subhuti, self-identical is that dharma, and nothing is therein at variance. Therefore is it called ‘utmost, right and perfect enlightenment’. Self-identical through the absence of a self, a being, a soul, or a person, the utmost, right and perfect enlightenment is fully known as the totality of all the wholesome dharmas. ‘Wholesome dharmas, wholesome […]

Jenny Odell

‘One thing I have learned about attention is that certain forms of it are contagious. When you spend enough time with someone who pays close attention to something (if you were hanging out with me, it would be birds), you inevitably start to pay attention to some of the same things. I’ve also learned that […]

Sitting And Breathing

The rain passed through the city over the weekend, as it did a couple of weekends ago, as the slowdown was starting. That, of course, seems a long time ago. Most days, I feel like I end up spending too much time sitting down. I am sure this was true of my life hitherto, but […]

Fu Hsi

From a single thought arise Deeds wrought by delusion, Sixty-two mistaken views Nine hundred crazy ins and outs But then what ends is endless And what begins is beginningless When you see like this Truth and falsehood are the same I don’t usually comment on the poems I post, but this one does need the […]

Reb Anderson

‘We can learn to welcome everything, including our own failures. When we learn to welcome everything wholeheartedly, we become fearless, and that helps others to become fearless also.’ (Entering The Mind Of Buddha) This is the heart of bodhisattva activity. The transformation that allows us to welcome our own failures and to drop away some […]