Les Murray

Everything except language knows the meaning of existence. Trees, planets, rivers, time know nothing else. They express it moment by moment as the universe. Even this fool of a body lives it in part, and would have full dignity within it but for the ignorant freedom of my talking mind.   I saw a reference […]

Nothing on my Mind

During the winter at Tassajara, if you are very motivated, you can just about manage six and a half hours of sleep on a regular night. Six is more common. It took me until my second winter there to get used to this amount of sleep – along with the cold and the limited amount […]

Diane Eshin Rizzetto

‘Taking skillful action is doing the right thing, that which supports life. Yes, we may hope it does good, but we are not attached to that outcome. We do it because it’s the right action, and we turn from speculating whether our action will lead to a specific outcome today, tomorrow, or ever… This is deep […]

Corey Ichigen Hess

‘Release wherever you are stuck, anywhere you feel tense. Even if it makes no sense to you. Even if it feels like you are exploding. Even if you are not standing or sitting right. Even if your posture gets goofy at times. Gradually your body will work on auto-pilot to sort this energy out. Have […]

Ekiho Miyazaki

‘Humans are filled with attachment for fame, title, reputation, and one’s ego. You must learn how to overcome such desire. Simply be one with your breath. Then, that gives no room or space for your desire to grow anymore. Zazen means to be straight in posture. To be straight means to keep your back straight […]

San Francisco Days

Today marks twenty years since I first came to San Francisco. On the flight over from New York I had been chatting with the cabin crew, and, in the days before BART ran to the airport, happily accepted the offer of a ride into town on their shuttle. They were all staying in one of […]

Koshin Paley Ellison

‘Being receptive is essentially being open to learning from everything. Some people hear this and are frightened. Others hear it and are excited, because they love learning – or at least they say they do. But true receptivity is a lot harder than it seems. And yet, if you can stay open to the lessons […]