‘Although a great bell is impressive, it makes no sound unless it is rung. Nor does a sage respond in isolation.’ (Commentary on the Diamond Sutra) Which reminds me of how Buddha frequently refered to himself as a physician, curing ailments according to the condition.

Lama Rod Owens

‘Dharma helps us develop a relationship to the nature of the thing itself. So when people and communities are saying “We’re all ultimately the same; there’s not such thing as race,” ultimately of course, that’s truth, and you want to thank them for their dharma teaching. We all need to be reminded of that, but […]

Diane Eshin Rizzetto

‘What happens to the individual down the street or across the world affects each and every one of us. And how each of us responds affects everyone else. So, more than ever, it’s imperative that as individuals we do what we can to cultivate our deepest human inclinations.’ (Deep Hope) Something that was written before the […]

Reb Anderson

‘By wholeheartedly opening to and embracing provisional truth, the ultimate is revealed. Within this revelation, we see provisional and ultimate as one and the same. Then we can let go of the ultimate and reenter the provisional. We join hands with all beings and walk together through birth and death on the endless path to […]

The Longest Day

The summer solstice seems to have sneaked up on us somehow – no doubt an effect of having been in lock-down since the spring. Nevertheless I have enjoyed the longer days – with my eternal caveat that they are longer in my native country, though I will always concede that not having the shorter days […]

Kaira Jewel Lingo

‘Making happiness central to spiritual life is only self-serving if we see ourselves as separate from others. But in fact, we are inextricably interconnected with those in our lives. When we practice to bring genuine happiness to ourselves, we naturally become someone others want to be around—we are fresh, relaxed, and available because of our […]


A monk asked, “What is my teacher?” The master said, “Clouds rising out of mountains, streams entering the valley without a sound.” The monk said, “I didn’t ask about them.” The master said, “Though they are your teacher, you don’t recognize them.” (The Recorded Sayings of Zen Master Joshu) The monk is expecting his teacher […]

Lama Rod Owens

‘Healing is movement and work toward wholeness. Healing is never a definite location but something in process. It is the basic ordinary work of staying engaged with our own hurt and limitations. Healing does not mean forgiveness either, though it is a result of it. Healing is knowing our woundedness; it is developing an intimacy […]

Zenkei Blanche Hartman

‘During the Vietnam War, I was a political activist. I fought for peace. There was some contradiction. There wasn’t any peace in me. I hated the peope who disagreed with me. That was a kind of war within me. In 1968 I was just beginning to look at the way in which I was vigorously […]

This Very Moment

I have wondered a few times this week, how people would have responded if they had been told at the beginning of the year, how things would look now, six months later. I imagine many would have run away screaming. And yet here we are. We are living history, as we always are, but more […]