Step By Step

As I mentioned the other day, when I moved into my previous place, it was the middle of winter, a day of non-stop rain, and I was sick. This past weekend we were in the grip of an intense heatwave – luckily without the accompanying thunderstorms this time – and I was just tired. The […]

Here We Are

There has been a heat wave this past week in San Francisco. That’s unusual enough for August, when we expect the fog to dominate, but the intense thunder storms that rolled through early Sunday morning and roiled for a day or so are even more so. And of course, lightning strikes bring fire, so by […]

The Longest Day

The summer solstice seems to have sneaked up on us somehow – no doubt an effect of having been in lock-down since the spring. Nevertheless I have enjoyed the longer days – with my eternal caveat that they are longer in my native country, though I will always concede that not having the shorter days […]

The Heart Of Spring

The other day, I realised that I couldn’t remember the last time I got in a car – certainly not since we started sheltering-in-place. I often say, when I am at Tassajara or Wilbur, that slowing down to human speed is deeply restful. And my body seems to have settled into that pace. That said, […]

In The Thick Of It

Being able to offer the teachings in various venues is one of the main comforts of lockdown life for me; the other principles ones were also in plentiful supply over the past last week, namely warm, sunny weather and being able to get out on my bike. I think I worked the bike metaphor hard […]

Taking It Easier

Over the years, as I have exercised, either on my bike or running, I have found it hard to take it easy on the route that I have chosen. Obviously, if I am going a shorter distance, I will be pushing harder; if I am going longer, I will measure my effort in accord with […]

Tending Each Moment

After last week’s relatively dreary weather, it has been wonderful to experience the temperatures rising, and the skies clearing in San Francisco. This feels like the unfurling of spring, fully manifested by the beautiful snapdragon on our deck. The birds have been abundant, with, in recent days, the robins loudest of all in the nearby […]

More Sitting, More Breathing

‘Courage is the ability to be fearful in proportion to the actual danger that exists, while still being able to overcome it through the depths of one’s character and commitment to higher ideals’ (Dale S. Wright – The Six Perfections) ‘If you are sad and frightened, it is a sign that you care, that you […]

The Illusory Body Is The Dharma Body

Camus’ La Peste was part of my French syllabus at high school; as such it had a pretty strong influence on my teenage thinking, and thus a lingering effect on how I see the world. It is interesting to see it quoted so often in the press now. One recent reference that stuck with me […]

Sitting And Breathing

The rain passed through the city over the weekend, as it did a couple of weekends ago, as the slowdown was starting. That, of course, seems a long time ago. Most days, I feel like I end up spending too much time sitting down. I am sure this was true of my life hitherto, but […]