Sitting And Breathing

The rain passed through the city over the weekend, as it did a couple of weekends ago, as the slowdown was starting. That, of course, seems a long time ago. Most days, I feel like I end up spending too much time sitting down. I am sure this was true of my life hitherto, but […]


‘I should dispel the suffering of others because it is suffering like my own suffering. I should help others too because of their nature as beings, which is like my own being.’ (Shantideva) I had a whole month’s worth of posts lined up to cover the time I was due to be in England. Now I […]

Dominion and the Rate of Change

The weekend ended up feeling tremendously long. I had kept my calendar clear as I had anticipated doing the kinds of things I have generally done before one of my trips to the UK – finishing up writings, organising and cleaning, resting ahead of the overnight flight – and so I found myself with nothing […]

Alternative Scenarios

The past two Sundays in the Bay Area have been marked by strong winds. On the first of these Sundays, having seen the forecast, I knew I would not be comfortable riding over the bridge. So I headed south, and positively flew down Great Highway, which had been closed again for a race, with the […]

The Quiet Of The City

Even though it was the last day of January, it was warm in San Francisco yesterday. I had the chance to go for a quick ride in the early morning; at that hour it was still chilly and misty, but, taking a turn around Stow Lake, the sun burst through and it was exhilarating to […]

By The Numbers

This isn’t a running blog (or a cycling one), even if I tend to get likes from some quarters every time I talk about my running practice. Reading this article about Strava the other day really got me thinking, though: ‘Richard Askwith, a British writer and fell runner, is the author of Running Free, a […]

Rest and Repose

As I was giving my dharma talk on the solstice, I started by invoking it, and how the darkest time of the year has acted as a time of reflection and renewal across human cultures. I nearly mentioned one of my students, who had told me that week that he had been stressed right through […]