‘Layman Pang was sitting in his thatched cottage one day, studying the sutras. “Difficult, difficult, difficult,” he suddenly exclaimed, “like trying to store ten bushels of sesame seed in the top of a tree.”
“Easy, easy, easy,” his wife, Laywoman Pang, answered. “It’s like touching your feet to the floor when you get out of bed.”
“Neither difficult nor easy,” said their daughter Lingzhao. “It’s like the teachings of the ancestors shining on the hundred grass tips.” (The Hidden Lamp).

 Well, which is it? What do the hundred grass tips look like right now?

5 thoughts on “Lingzhao

  1. Lingzhao’s story is very compelling, leaving me with a sense of wonder. It seem to me, she embodied the Bhudda-nature and offer for us to see her Father teaching’s of illumination and the goals of becoming the Buddha, I think. Did she love her Father so much, I pondered at first? Or is she further teaching us by expressing her quote:
    It’s like the teachings of the ancestors shining on the hundred grass tips.” I’d think so.
    Below is my take away right now on this quote:
    Lingzhao’ father, Layman Pang, experienced enlightenment when he realized his daughter had tricked him and she took his seat, offering him a chance to further observe the Path of the Ancestors.
    She further suggest to me, from All his teachings➖his planted seeds of Wisdom and Liberation has blossomed.
    And yet, Lingzhao leaves me with this thought➖she was one with her Buddha-nature and teaching her parents, especially her father; she had matured and blossomed.
    Then I thought, Lingzhao was fully engaged and at one within her Bhuddha-Nature➖the fruits she bored was the seeds her father planted as her teacher➖she was advanced in the Teachings, leaving me to further ponder who was really the teacher in their relationship.
    Maybe her death in leu of her father’s is the answer to your quote of Lingzhao.
    Additionally, my take away on the hundred grass tips, the Ancestors meaning:
    The Bhuddha is in each blade of grass tip liberating Bhuddha-nature.
    Lingzhao experienced Enlightenment.
    Layman Pang experienced Enlightenment.
    The Bhuddha nature ☞ The Bhuddha.
    A final note➖I’ve read: ‘The student must surpass the Teacher expressing their own understanding and to validate the Teachers effectiveness.’

    What do the hundred grass tips look like right now?
    The grass tips are our stepping stones to freedom and these stones beckons. The stepping stones of hate, pain, disease, ignorance, greed, anger; delivering us to the vastness.

    The Bhuddha-nature is still alive, well and not dead.
    The Bhuddha-nature is a shining light on the stepping stones illuminating ☞ leading to Wisdom ☞ to Liberation.
    The Great Teachings will express itself.
    Nothing is Hidden➖the teachings continues.

    Shundo a big thanks for Lingzhao’s story and the Hidden Lamp➖another must have book.


  2. Thank you for your response, Shalamah.
    The great teachings are already expressed, and I think each member of the family is right, depending on causes and conditions. It’s good not to get stuck in any of those viewpoints.


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