Uchiyama Roshi

‘On hearing that it is only natural for a violet to bloom as a violet and a rose as a rose, some people immediately begin to wonder about whether they are a rose or a violet. Since life is always potential, whether you are a violet or a rose simply is not something that is fixed, nor is it necessary to try to figure it out. What is vital here is that you give expression to the flower of your Self, the flower of here and now, and allow it to blossom as completely and as naturally as it can in every moment of your life. That flower of your Self, that flower of here and now, is your life!’

Lower garden red rose

One thought on “Uchiyama Roshi

  1. Violet Rose! I love these flowers. After my visit today at SFZC, I was sensing these essences as I walked to Bart and got on the wrong train going to the East Bay. Haha an elderly beautiful woman and I had a big laugh and then the train going my way was there, again. Spring Summer collection?


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