In England the winter light can be captivating; its watery quality from the sun barely making it over the horizon lends to rich colours. Here in California the light is more robust, but none the less interesting at this time of year. This week, once the rain and north wind had passed through, it was very pleasant and extremely clear – which I usually gauge by how well we can see the East Bay from where we are – at least until the fog rolled in over the park on Friday afternoon.

Happily, my replacement camera has arrived – I managed to win an auction on eBay, which I was not expecting. I took it for a quick test on Thursday afternoon, and again on Friday; I can see that I am going to enjoy it once I get used to the adjustments from my previous camera.

From the train 11
The view from a train somewhere close to the Welsh border, a year ago

The view from the Zen Center roof on Thursday afternoon as the sun went down

One thought on “Snapping

  1. Shundo hi – I’m really happy you grabbed a camera off eBay, and I look forward to viewing more of your great pictures of San Francisco and surrounding areas.
    Deep Bows


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