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In a shameless piece of self-promotion, I want to invite anyone who is local to come to Zen Center to see a show of my photographs during December – which will be tricky at times as there will be a silent sesshin going on, and the holidays as well, when the building will be closed.

I am also scheduled to show work at the Wild Goose in Carmel Valley in January, and at Farleys on Potrero Hill in April; these will all feature different pictures.

Selecting for a show is somewhat hard – I spent a week revisiting my entire archive, from which I pulled about a thousand photos I wanted to keep on hand. From there I narrowed it down to thirty or so for City Center, and a dozen for the Wild Goose. The header picture above did not make the cut, though I had imagined it would. Printing up the likely choices helps inform the decision, as some images somehow don’t work when enlarged, or fail to make the impression I thought they would. Artist friends of mine urge me to stick to a particular theme, and I don’t find this easy (the Wild Goose will just be pictures from the wilderness around Tassajara, so that was a simpler choice). The City Center show is split between landscapes and urban abstracts, with one or two outliers I am particularly fond of; I do generally consider whether someone might want to buy the photo to hang on their wall, but not at the price of limiting my options.

One of the easier choices was the lead picture for the publicity; this is a shot from the summer at Tassajara, between the old and new bathhouses, at a place where hot springs water bubbles up to the surface – I know the verb is not accurate, but I can’t find another way to describe it. In any case, the cause of the ripple is underneath, not from above.

Hot springs ripple

2 thoughts on “Other work

  1. Amazing picture of the creek at Tassajara, I’ll look for this spot the next time I’m there. I’m actualizing the nature of Buddha in this amazing shot.
    I hope to visit the ZC before long.


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