The Gateless Gate

‘A monk asked Nansen, “Is there any dharma that has not been preached to the people?’
Nansen answered, “There is.”
“What is the truth that has not been taught?”
Nansen said, “It is not mind; it is not Buddha; it is not things.”

Mumon’s comment: “At this question, Nansen used up all his personal treasure immediately and became quite debilitated”‘ (Case 27).

Good for Nansen. But what was he actually saying? Did he reveal any secrets really?

5 thoughts on “The Gateless Gate

  1. ‘No word is best of all, says Joshu-‘Mu’. ‘We must pass through the GG, for speaking words is no longer Zen, says the investigative Masters’- ‘just enter the silence’


  2. Shundo hi- I’ve sat with your reply for a few days now, and I’m at a lost as to what you mean. Would you share ‘don’t exhaust all your treasure’? Deep bow


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