‘Do not take up the buddha measure to measure and analyze the great way. The buddha measure is one step, just like an open blossom. Do not hold out the mind measure to grope for and deliberate about the awesome presence. The mind measure is a single face, like the world. The measure of a single blade of grass is clearly the measure of the buddha-ancestor mind – one blade that recognizes the whereabouts of active buddhas.’ (Shobogenzo Gyobutsu Iigi – The Awesome Presence of Active Buddhas)

3 thoughts on “Dogen

  1. One foot forward and then back times 2:
    It appears that; This ‘Thusness’ conveys the true essence of the Zen teachings (in previous post). Someone (Zen Masters) used ‘Thusness to describe Thusness’; does not assigning words of ‘Thusness’ limits the expression of ‘Thusness’?
    Shundo, I appreciate your connection and how you build-upon the Zen Master’s words in your posts; allowing me to go deeper. However, I’m pondering: Self and I realizing Self and I➖Why go there, I ask?
    How can I measure the knowing, grasping and seeing of Self and I?
    Why do I pine for Enlightenment? If I’m Enlightened and I have it and then I let it go, because I’m a person of Thusness! Since I’m outfitted like those words mentioned above in this reply➖there isn’t much to say. And then I read this post of Dogen’ — (The Awesome Presence of Active Buddhas). One foot forward, again!
    Thanks Shundo


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