Seasonally Adjusted

After the wetter- and colder-than-usual weather we have had in the past couple of months, suddenly it seems to have settled down again into the sixty-plus degree warmth that I enjoy so much more here – I am so glad not to feel I have to bundle up in many layers of clothes. I am also appreciating that daylight is starting to creep in before seven in the morning, and lingering until around six in the evening now.
All over the city, cherry blossoms emerge, and spring-like colours appear. In Dogen’s aptest of phrases, ‘It is the time of flowers, and flowers have arrived.’

DSCF2286DSCF2277DSCF2297From a walk in the neighbourhood on Friday morning.

4 thoughts on “Seasonally Adjusted

  1. Spring is in the air! Thanks for the great blossoms shots! Do you know the name for the second and third pictures posted? As the days lengthening and the warmer weather pay a visit; i’m alway reminded of the beauty of the outdoors, then the very cold-snap and some blossoms return to nothingness;).
    Here at Wilbur Hot Springs; where the mineral-laden hot waters awaits shivering bodies, a few hours from SF – is very chilly, with blue sky, dark nights and the big-dipper, calling. A few months ago the landscape was a beautiful golden hue now is blanketed with turf green grass everywhere…bowing


  2. A beautiful clear and brisk morning in the country..I surrender! I’ve sent the pictures to some of Native friends and we should have an answer to post, before long….Deeply bowing.


  3. Love the pink cherry blossom (#1)
    Possibly “pink cloud” flowering cherry or pink dogwood (#1)
    The middle one is an Acacia, perhaps a Purple Acacia
    The last one is called ‘The Butterfly Bush’ to attract the butterflies, yeah. Although, the last one looks really close to Vetch. Vetch grows here alone the hill side (Wilbur Hot Springs) and crawls alone the ground making it’s way up the hill side. Picture 3 appears to be crawling on something. The almond trees are blooming beautiful madness. The hill-side grass is the color of fresh wheat grass.
    deeply bowing


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