Bird Song

I would no more claim to be an ornithologist than a naturalist. I enjoy meeting trees and flowers, and birds, but often don’t know the names of what I am encountering. Sometimes I think this is a shame, other times I don’t worry about it.

Right now, in the tree behind my house, there is a bird singing enthusiastically in the morning – I am not up early enough for the dawn chorus these days, but this is the next best thing. I assume it is a sparrow-sized bird, though I have  not seen it. During the day, I often catch the twitching chatter of a hummingbird as it alights on the top of the blossoming tree next door. As I am typing this, I can hear a crow calling out further away, probably up the hill. I have see a red-tailed hawk circling around the hillside from time to time, usually with crows in close attendance, trying to shoo it away.

Perhaps most unusually, by my limited understanding, a scrub jay will come and land in the yard and call out in its slightly squawking voice. I associate these birds much more with the open country, usually seeing them as the underdog – especially around Tassajara where the more aggressive Stellar’s jay has dominated the prime territory, leaving the scrub jays to the more remote areas. I hear them around Marin when riding, and always feel glad of their company.

At Zen Center, I would occasionally stay on the roof and see how birds, seemingly unconcerned if they were landing on a tree or something man-made, navigated the wide open air above the buildings.

‘A bird flies in the sky, and no matter how far it flies, there is no end to the sky’ (Genjo Koan)

DSCF2251A scrub jay sitting on the fence behind my house

3 thoughts on “Bird Song

  1. Could it be a morning bird? Shooting from the hips and may have missed a few words; I’ve also read – ‘A fish swims in the ocean, and no matter how far it swim, there is no end to the ocean’…bowing


  2. Do you have any fish in the garden? aarp! At Tassajara, once, a blue jay grabbed the last of my date. At Wilbur, we have the following birds: Kildare, morning birds, swallows, red-tail black birds, turkey vaulters, wild turkeys, hawks, bats (bird like), fenches, owls, humming birds, wood peckers and crows…..bowing


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