Green Gulch

People often asked me if I have ever lived at Green Gulch. I haven’t – the longest time I spent there was a Genzo-e sesshin with Shohaku Okumura in 2012 – and a part of the reason for that, beyond the fact that Tassajara and City Center both kept me very busy over the years, was that it took me about a dozen visits for me to see the temple in sunshine. Cold, damp and fog are not my favourite conditions, and that seemed to be the default setting for Green Gulch – even when the sun was shining elsewhere in the area.
Last Sunday I took myself over there by bike, and it was a beautifully warm day, with soft spring light ideal for taking photos, which was my main intention. I did not go to the talk, although I have enjoyed hearing Wendy Johnson in the past, and I did not stay for the Arbor Day work on the valley. I did get to meet a lot of people I knew, and some I didn’t, most of whom I was not necessarily expecting to meet, so it was a very sociable occasion.

Plum blossom by Cloud Hall

Teacups ready for the crowd

The fields were green

The newly reworked watershed in action

One thought on “Green Gulch

  1. Dear Shundo. Nice to find your blog! We met two years back at SFZC when I stayed for 3 days en-route to New Zealand. I was wanting to talk to you now about the UK – we spoke then about your contacts here. Could you send me your email – I can’t find it on your webpage here….David


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