What I think about when I am riding

I was away last week, and returned to a wet city. Yesterday I waited until mid-morning before venturing out on my bike, for a shorter ride than I would have done had it been sunny – I did at least manage to avoid the showers which otherwise continued through the day. On the way down to Ocean Beach, I was having a lovely chat with a fellow rider, until we turned into the teeth of the strong southerly wind that was bringing the rain in from the Pacific. He opted to turn back into the park; I gritted my teeth and carried on down the Great Highway before returning over Twin Peaks – like my recent visit while running, the low clouds made for dramatic visuals over the city. It was not the ride I had dreamed of doing in my ten days off the bike, but it was certainly better than nothing, and I had enough quiet time to ponder what I am going to talk about with people in the beginners’ sitting I am leading today.

During the week, I was alerted to the release of the video from the crew I worked with in January, about Ayesha McGowan’s burgeoning cycling career. Watching it brought back very specific memories from behind the scenes, but it is still wonderful to see how it was all brought together. You can watch it on the BBC website here, and I would also recommend each of the other five short films in the series, which you should be able to find alongside this one on the site.
It also reminded me how fun it was to work with this particular group of people. You can learn more about Ayesha on her blog, where she includes some of the pictures I took over the days of filming. This is one of my other favourite shots.

BBC - Skyline sunset shot 27.jpg

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