Roaming Zen

One of the pleasures of putting together the Roaming Zen series – apart from getting to spend a lot of time outdoors in beautiful parts of the city – is delving into a little local history. Even though I have been in America for sixteen years now, and have spent as much time in San Francisco as I did living in London after I graduated, I still don’t feel connected to it in the same way as I do in my home country.
It is fascinating to me to read about the city developing over the past 170 years. Of course a similar amount of growth has occurred in London as well, but that came on top of many earlier centuries of history. When I look at photographs of San Francisco from a hundred years ago, it feels like the city is a very thin skin over the landscape.
The next Roaming Zen, on Saturday 14th, takes in Glen Canyon and Diamond Heights, seen in the pictures below, which I found via Open SF History. We will roam along one of the only two open creeks in the city – the other is Lobos Creek, which featured in the first edition, though I hadn’t made the connection at the time – and over the wonderfully named Billy Goat Hill. Cow sightings nor guaranteed.

Other sites I have used in my historical meanderings are Found SF, one on Mount Davidson, and occasional historical articles in Hoodline.
Picture courtesy of OpenSFHistory

Picture courtesy of OpenSFHistory

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