Sharon Salzberg

‘It is only due to our concepts that we feel separate from the world. We are isolated by ideas of inadequacy, ideas of danger, ideas of loneliness, and ideas of rejection. While we may indeed face external difficulties, our thoughts can amplify them – or even create them, leading us deeper into delusion. If we do not want to be enslaved by our thoughts, we can choose to transform our minds. In any given moment, so I choose to strengthen the delusion of separation or the truth of connection?…
Fear is the primary mechanism sustaining the concept of the “other”, and reinforcing the subsequent loneliness and distance in our lives. Ranging from numbness to terror, fear constricts our hearts and binds us to false and misleading ways of viewing life. The fallacy of separate existence cloaks itself in the beguiling forms of our identifications: “This is who I am ,” or “This is all I can ever be.” We identify with  fragment of reality rather than the whole.’ (Lovingkindness)

This book has been a joy to read – not just because it gives me everything I need to know for the workshop on Sunday, but also because it just spells things out in such a clear manner. To be reminded how we can live is already to let go of some burdens of suffering and feeling separate, and to feel a lightness in the heart from the possibilities of being a true, kind human being.


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