In the mountains

Before I left for Tassajara, I pre-loaded a number of posts, and left a gap for today, assuming I would have time after I got back to be able to summarise my experience and select a few photographs to represent the week there. This is typical of my optimism…
It was certainly a lovely time, and I relaxed more and more as the days went by. The weather was hot, which impacted the hiking portion of the retreat with Ann, but we were able to be flexible, and I think that helped people have a good time. I came back deeply refreshed, but also happy to pick up in the city and think ahead: it has felt to me that the week at Tassajara represented the end of the first chapter of my transition, and now I can build on what has already unfolded, even though my calendar currently looks rather bare going forward at the moment. I trust that more will happen.
Recently I have been very neglectful of my photographs; I have hundreds waiting to be edited and sorted, so these are ones that could be pulled out without needing any work done on them.

I never get tired of this view, from the top of the road, before beginning the five-mile descent into Tassajara.

I also don’t get tired of being by the creek, especially as it looks much healthier than it has for the past few years.

The narrows is another place where I love to spend time.

 Gathering for the gentler hike on the second day of the retreat – I did not take my camera when we did the Horse Pasture trail on the first day.

The view from the top of the Overlook trail, which was a place we stopped and took in the surrounding mountains.

Coming down the Overlook trail.

The weekend was cloudier and a little cooler, but the hiking retreat was over by then.

A silent lunch by the creek has been a feature of the retreats I have led with Lirio.

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