‘Do not forget the joyful aspiration that arises when you first seek the way. When you arouse the aspiration for enlightenment, you do not seek dharma in order to be respected by others. You abandon fame and gain, and without veering off you aspire to attain the way. You do not look for respect or gifts from kings or ministers. Even though these may come to you, it should not be your primary intention to become entangled with humans and devas. But foolish people, even those with way-seeking mind, quickly forget their original aspiration and hope for offerings from humans and devas. Receiving such offerings, they rejoice that the merit of buddha dharma has arrived. When kings and ministers come to take refuge in the buddha, foolish teachers may feel rewarded. This is a hazard of practice. Remember to have compassion for them, but do not rejoice.’ (Shobogenzo Keisei Sanshiki – Valley Sounds, Mountain Colours)

Dogen does not flinch from criticising those he does not think of authentic teachers. Paragraphs like this comes to mind when I read about the hottest new meditation spots in New York in the New York Times.

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