What I think about when I am running

When the weather is good, I tend to run less. This goes back to when I started riding seriously in London more than twenty years ago, and running got relegated to winter and wet weather. As the weather got warmer at the end of June, I took every opportunity to get out on my bike, and skipped a weekly run at least once. I got new shoes and had a couple of shorter outings to make sure they were going to be comfortable, which so far, has mostly not been a problem.
The two runs at Wilbur were lovely to do, way out in the quiet morning hills, but since I was mostly on unfamiliar territory, I didn’t push myself very hard. Back in the city I have done a couple of hour-long runs, which seems like good maintenance if I can manage that at least once a week. Distance is not an issue especially; as long as I can get myself over whatever obstacles I decide to tackle and feel fairly strong, then I am happy. Most recently, the quiet of Glen Canyon and the new connector between Walter Haas Park and Billy Goat Hill was a good test, as was a return visit to Bernal Heights via a long set of steps. There are still so many great choices of places to go around here, if you love hills as much as I do.
As so often, the effort can be a great way for me to burn up stagnant energy, which had been a problem for me over the past weekend. No matter how tired I feel afterwards, I have a fresh outlook – which this time meant more energy for preparing material for my class, having procrastinated for much of the past few days.

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