This Land is Our Land

These days, instead of getting up early in the morning to sit, I tend to stay in bed and assemble a morning reading list from a variety of online sources. This may make my mind a little busier than it used to be first thing, but it satisfies some need in me to know what is going on (I went four months without reading any news at Tassajara once, and found at the end of it that the stories had not really changed at all). I have been linking to articles that inspire me on my ideas page, but I know that not many people visit that.
I wanted to highlight two long articles I have read recently, that have been the most memorable and moving. I think in both cases it is because they took off in directions I had not expected, and by the end had managed to make a strong and moving case about how people find themselves in this country I live in. I encourage you to read both of them, one based around class (I would also urge you to watch the video in this one), the other around race.

The author of the second article describes visiting a section of Oakland, which I was imagining to be somewhere around here – taken from the window of BART on my regular commute.

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