Blanche Hartman

‘Life is too short to waste it on judging other people by whatever standards we may have. It’s actually not good to judge yourself in a disparaging way either. Just like loving-kindness begins with yourself, really being conscious of not disparaging begins with yourself. You can hardly be open and friendly and accepting of everybody else if you’re squashing yourself all the time. You can begin by not disparaging right here at home and let it spread out to include everyone.’ (Seeds for a Boundless Life)

In my little talk in Ventura, I read this quote, as I knew there were people listening who needed to hear it – and I find I need to remind myself of this pretty regularly. I can easily find words and thoughts to put myself down when I don’t get things right, though they don’t stick as much as they used to. Knowing Blanche, and how she always strove to uphold her own high standards, I imagine she was reminding herself of this as well.

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