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By the time this is published, I will probably be wandering around London in a state of jet-lag, with hopefully enough energy to go to see Brad Warner speak at the Wimbledon Zen group this evening. I will be back there to speak about Dogen myself on Saturday, focusing on the Tenzokyokun. In between, I will be down in Brighton visiting one of my old BBC friends, and stopping in at the Thursday evening sitting there. Next week I will be roaming all over the country, visiting family in Suffolk, Hereford and Cornwall, as well as Hebden Bridge and Glastonbury for some zen visits. If I had known I was going to be so busy, I would have booked a longer trip…

I have loaded up sufficient posts to cover me until I am back in San Francisco (and pictures), but if time allows, and I can stand the vagaries of typing on the touch screen of my iPad, I may interject with some stories.

City or country, I look forward to familiar landscapes

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