Roaming Zen – Rain Stops Play


It was a little surprising to come back from two and a half weeks in England where I only got wet a couple of times, and those very briefly, to a forecast of continual rain for the weekend in San Francisco. After some slow deliberation, mainly due to jet-lag, I have thought it best to postpone the scheduled Roaming Zen until next weekend, for which the forecast is supposed to be more agreeable. As I wrote to one person expecting to attend, I don’t mind walking in the rain so much, but sitting in the rain would not be so much fun.

I will write more about my trip in the near future, but just to add, as I look through about 1300 photos from my time back home, that there might have been much less rain than I would have expected, but I saw four rainbows:

Waking up on the last day of September at my friend’s house in Hove.

Changing trains at Clapham Junction the next day, on my way from the event with Wimbledon Zen to my sister’s house.

A fleeting glimpse on Tuesday, behind the engine house at the Hurlers on Bodmin Moor.

A remarkable sunset at my dad’s house on Wednesday, my last night in England.

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