Roaming Zen

All year I have been trying to figure out how to get Mount Davidson into a Roaming Zen. I have even run up it a couple of times since getting back from England as I try to envisage ways to connect it with other interesting places nearby. On Sunday I concluded that trying to combine it with Grand View Park was going to be too ambitious, but I did discover some other new-to-me corners, one of which will be incorporated, the other (which appeared to be an unreconstructed sand dune by 14th and Rivera) might be a little challenging to hike.
This is going to be the last scheduled hike of the season, with the bicycle version to come, weather permitting, but since I keep coming across places I want to offer roams in, I had an idea. A small group of us on the last roam were on the bluffs above the Golden Gate Bridge, and we were all rather drawn by a trail that dropped down from the heights almost to the water and back again, presumably connecting with Baker Beach a little further along. It was too much of a detour to be able to add in on the day, but it seems a shame to wait for the spring to get a chance to explore it. And there are many other places I still have on my to-go-to list.
So, if the winter has some dry spells in it and the forecast seems reliable, I plan to organise some semi-spontaneous roams, sending word out mid-week for a weekend event. Stay tuned. And in any case, this coming Saturday, 1:30pm, starting at West Portal Muni station.

On Saturday’s roam we got to see the bridge from many different angles, and also came across an art installation in the batteries.

I enjoyed the trees in the Presidio – thanks to Darine for the photographs.

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