Marian Mountain

‘A wind sweeps through the trees behind the cabin. The sound is enough to awaken the whole world from its dreams of childhood. Tonight we may make our home in this zen environment, surrounded by marble peaks and looking down into lost valleys, while an immense sheet of of shining water stretches beyond the horizon. But tomorrow we may drift along with the snow that wraps the world in white. Forever to travel is our destiny, through a dream world of echoes and shadows.
This tattered life is my only robe; the wind my only refuge. It was here a moment ago, but already it has blown away.’ (The Zen Environment)

Black cone hike - Black Cone final section Big Sur river valley 2.jpg
Black cone hike - Black Cone fourth section ocean gap.jpg
I don’t know exactly where the cabin was where she wrote this, but this is probably as close as I got, hiking the Black Cone trail in the summer of last year.

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