Katagiri Roshi

‘We have to practice egolessness constantly. We don’t believe this because we are used to living in the stream of time, which is always facilitating the growth of ego. You may practice zazen for ten years, twenty years, and attain enlightenment. Does that guarantee that you are free from ego? Watch out! You don’t know how strong the ego sense is. At any cost, we have to deepen our understanding of time and turn the egoistic sense of time into no-time. If we continue to practice, very naturally we reach the bottom of time. This is the pivot of nothingness, where everything is reflected without any sense of ego.’ (Each Moment is the Universe)

Even though I have read this book sometime in the last eighteen months, I was nonetheless compelled to bring it down from the shelf to be my current commute read; I think I wanted to challenge myself again to see how much I understood of Katagiri’s deep and trustworthy explanations of Dogen’s sense of time-being. The answer is still not much, but I hope that it is more than last time, and I am enjoying the challenge.

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