Uchiyama Roshi

‘Japanese people have a preconception that Buddhism is something special for a special kind of person. I repeat that the starting point of Buddhism is searching after the truth of the life of one’s self. Since it is the truth of the life of each self, it is only natural not to distinguish old from young, men from women, or noble birth from humble birth. Buddhism lies behind our practice of zazen. Behind Buddhism, there should be one’s own life. It is essential to see Buddhism from the ground of our own lives and to examine our zazen on the basis of Buddhism. In doing so, it is apparent that the idea that we can attain some special satori like a superhuman power is off the mark.’ (The Wholehearted Way)

I think it is normal for us to start to practise with the hope of gaining these superhuman powers, or resolving all our human problems and perfecting ourselves somehow. Hopefully, as we continue, these ideas drop away, and we allow ourselves to become ourselves.

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