Shodo Harada

‘When we are separated from all of our thoughts, this is Original Mind, and because we cannot explain it, we call it “Mu.”… There is no beautiful or ugly there. Nor is there a fixed world of nothing at all; there is nothing to appear or disappear. Because it is unnameable we call it the Buddha Nature, and from there we laugh and cry, sleep and wake, without any attachment at all – it is a free way of living, we call living in our Buddha Nature, “Never abiding in any place yet manifesting continually.”‘ (The Path to Bodhidharma)

Unless I am mistaken, the concluding quote is the line from the Diamond Sutra that the Sixth Ancestor in China heard being recited which caused his way-seeking mind to blossom. It is important to absorb fully the idea that the world of nothing is not fixed. Otherwise you will get stuck there.

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