Kobun Chino

‘You don’t go anywhere from kensho. Seeking to know yourself ends, and time starts. The future doesn’t exist in the future, and the past hasn’t gone yet. Your ordinary dualistic knowledge of everything ends. But you don’t dwell in such a realization. After the second or third moment, you discover you are still a person, and you get up and prepare yourself for the day as usual. You live as if nothing has happened. You still get mad and you get glad when something good happens. But each time, when you realize this original self within you, the battle within you somewhat ends. In a sense, the battle to actualize such oneness starts anew. It is a real battle. Other existences out there are not others any more, so that the problem is much more serious when you see suffering people. That becomes your own suffering, immediately. Or when someone is experiencing great joy, by looking at, hearing, that joy, you become so happy!’ (Embracing Mind)

If anyone asked me if I had had a kensho experience, I would say no; reading of other people’s descriptions, I don’t feel that the same thing has happened to me. Nevertheless, I recognise the response in the last sentences, the more intimate connection with others’ emotions, in my life these days. As Kobun Chino says, echoing one of my favourite koansyou get up and prepare yourself for the day as usual.

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