The View From Here

The second week of my trip to England finds me in Cornwall, with a bright full moon rising as I type this. I stayed in London just long enough to get over my jet-lag, to run along the Grand Union canal, and to attend a birthday party for an old friend from the BBC, which gave me a chance to catch up with a few other old friends. The next stop was the south coast with more long-time friends, much more joyful chatting, as well as getting in a lot of walking, and another, unintentional, run to the top of Devil’s Dyke.

I had an unexpected opportunity to practice while I was in Hove: a local magazine came through the door, and in the listings section, there was a Soto zen group scheduled to meet on Tuesday evening, just a few streets from where my friend lives. I went along, and joined a handful of people sitting and chanting. They were in the Maezumi lineage, which, as I know from previous experience means that everything is familiar but just slightly different, so I didn’t know any of the versions of the chants that were used. Everyone was very nice of course. The next day I caught four different trains and ended up in Totnes to meet a few people from the sangha there again and to say hello to Ingen, who is starting a short sesshin in the new, to me, zendo.

The weather has been very kind, with warm days, and only short rain and grey spells, which has been helpful for all the time I have been outside. For want of anything especially exciting to say, I offer a few photographs frm the trip so far.

This day started clear, as we walked from Shoreham to Worthing, but it turned grey, and there was a headwind the whole way.

Looking along the shore from Worthing pier.

The following afternoon we are chips on the sea front at Hove and watched the sun set.

We timed our walk very well, and when we turned back, the moon was rising in the east.

I never tire of the stretch of the rail journey that takes me past Dawlish and alongside the sea.

My host in Totnes took me up onto Dartmoor on Thursday morning. There were rainbows. And ponies.

And also typically wonderful moorland views, which make me feel right at home.

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