Sharon Salzberg

‘Most people who come to meditation are looking for respite from what is called the “monkey mind” – the perpetual, hyperactive (and often self-destructive) whirl of thoughts and feelings everyone undergoes. But the truth is that meditation does not eradicate mental and emotional turmoil. Rather, it cultivates the space and gentleness that allow us intimacy with our experiences so that we can relate to differently to our cascade of emotions and thoughts. That different relationship is where freedom lies.’ (Real Love)

When I arrived in London, I helped my host clear out several stacks of books that had accumulated as part of her previous journalist job. I was interested in quite a few of the titles, but none more so than this new book by Sharon Salzberg, the only Buddhist book among them. She was kind enough to lend it to me while I traveled around, and I found something wonderful on every page – I have sent quotes to a number of friends already, and suspect I will have to buy at least  two copies when I get back to San Francisco.

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