Now Hear The Shuso

The first of the season’s shuso ceremonies took place at City Center last Saturday afternoon. Allison was up on the seat, answering questions, being honestly herself, and being asked by the former shusos, in their congratulatory statements, to take in how much she was loved by everybody. As always, it was nice to put on my robes and take my seat in the assembly to watch this unfold, to chant the Heart Sutra slowly with everybody, and to have a good natter over dinner later. Those who has just ended their week of sesshin were happy to be talking, sharing stories and observations. We all got to appreciate the unveiling of a new teacher, someone who has worked and practised hard to transform her suffering into compassion and loving-kindness.

Allison wanted to have a picture on the front steps, as has been done occasionally before, but it was dark by the time we finished, so I had to try to herd everyone into place in the Buddha Hall…

Allison and Abbot Ed

Allison gets to be the centre of attention at the dinner afterwards as well.

Too good not to photograph – I suspect this will show up on the Zen Center website soon enough.

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