On the water

I have had occasion to take the ferry across the bay recently. It is a wonderful way to see the city from a different angle, and to be reminded that the water is an important part of San Francisco’s history and development. Each time I have been on the boat, the weather has been different, even between the outward leg and the return, and I have been happy to have my camera on hand as well.
One foggy morning there was almost nothing to be seen, but it was still incredibly beautiful (it reminded me of the time I took the train across Australia, as part of the same trip that brought me to San Francisco for the first time in 1999; I happily stared out of the window at the countless miles of the Nullarbor Plain, subtly shifting all the time, while hearing a fellow passenger lamenting that there was nothing to look at). I posted a series from that crossing on my Patreon page; here are a couple more from another trip:

I have long appreciated how the downtown skyline – to the left in this picture, with Alcatraz in front of it – takes up less of the coastline than the wooded green of the Presidio – to the right. The amount of green space in the city is remarkable, and of course makes for many great roams.

A few hours after the previous picture, with a band of rain having passed through, and another on the way. Though not really distinguishable, most of the land in this picture  is green.

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