Moon and Stars

The Bay Area weather could not be better at the moment, with high pressure and warm breezes taking the temperature up to the seventies; the clear, still skies seem very relaxing to me, and it is hard to believe it is the beginning of February, though I think I have the same response every year around this time.

At Wilbur last weekend, I set off for a run almost as soon as I had unpacked. Since I wasn’t able to stay until Monday morning this time, Friday afternoon seemed to offer the most suitable stretch of time, so I took off for the ridge in order to be back before it got dark. I felt better going along the top, with all the little climbs, than I can remember on my previous efforts, but I was quite stiff afterwards.

There was a fair amount of sun over the weekend so the middle of the day was pleasant, but it was definitely cold around the edges. Fewer people came to the meditation sessions, perhaps because it still felt chilly to be outside for the morning one, and the afternoon one was right at the end of the daytime warmth. Still, I had lovely conversations with people, including one woman whose family had a cabin at Tanbark, down Miller Canyon from China Camp on the road to Tassajara (as I said to her, very few people at Tassajara had any idea there were cabins there, and I only discovered them when I went exploring by mountain bike and was getting bored of just riding up and down the road).

On Sunday morning I was awake at five, and went out to float in the outdoor pool, happy to wake up slowly and gently, under the endless stars. As the sun came up, the waters steamed photogenically.

On Wednesday morning, back in the city, I got up early to see the lunar eclipse, the first one I have watched since being at Tassajara, I guess in 2008, when Linda Ruth led us all out of the zendo to the moon lawn to watch the spectacle. This one had the added selling points of being a supermoon and a blue moon – though in reality it was rust coloured – and watching it was worth the tiredness later in the day.




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