Zenju Earthlyn Manuel

‘There is no need to sustain interrelationship, to practice it, to hold it up to see it, or to make it a superior way of thinking. We are in this interrelationship, between life and death, whether we want to recognize it or not. We can be awake to it even as we die. When I see […]

Reb Anderson

‘You actually are a person. You do actually depend on everybody else. The one thing you don’t depend on in this whole universe is yourself, but you depend on everything else, and everything else has power in your life. That’s who you really are, and our practice is to be that person. Our practice is […]

Shodo Harada

‘Samu: in a Zen dojo it is said,”First is samu, second is zazen, third is reading the sutras.” Samu is physical work, but it is also zazen in action. Samu has a spiritual emphasis and is more than just physical work to the extent that through it you can give life to your Buddha Nature’ […]


Staying in mountains, I gradually awaken to mountain sounds and colors Fruit growing and flowers open, I question release from this emptiness. For a while I’ve wondered, what is the original color? Blue, yellow, red and white are all in the painting. (Extensive Record, poem 104) Tomorrow I shall be leaving for Tassajara, and I shall […]

Michael Stone

‘The unshakable sanity that comes from the wellspring of silence returns us to our selves – and in no way is that separate from the ongoing flux of the natural world. In a moment, the universe is both intimate and universal. What could be more quietly subversive?’ (Awake in the World) I have posted this […]

angel Kyodo williams

‘Enlightened being is not something that you can pick up  and put in your purse or knapsack like this book. It is not tangible. You cannot hold it in your hand or pass it around. You cannot put it down. The path to it is just doing. Just being. Just starting. It is action. Action […]