Sekkei Harada

‘The only thing we really need is diligence. Don’t look for anything, and don’t throw anything away. It is enough just to endeavor. When you grow weary and sick of this simple activity, all sorts of things will happen. Viewpoints of the self arise. “I must do something,” you’ll think. Then if still nothing happens, fatigue will set in and various thoughts appear. When these thoughts appear, you’ll start saying to yourself, “I shouldn’t be thinking this.” It’s easy to become more and more covered with dirt this way. So please be very careful of this and just continue your efforts. even if you’re looking for something in particular, it’s not as if it will come flying in from the outside. And even if you think of getting rid of something, of throwing something out, you must still ask yourself, “Where will I throw it, anyway?” (Unfathomable Depths)

I feel this post is very closely aligned with yesterday’s – at least in my reading. What do you think?

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