Back From The Mountains

I came back from Tassajara at the end of last week with the usual assortment of scratches, cuts, insect bites and the remnants of some poison oak rash – and a deep sense of well-being and goodwill towards all beings. The latter didn’t seem to translate too well in the city when I was going places on Saturday, but I didn’t mind so much.
It seemed all too easy to slip into gazing at screens again, and apart from a couple of roams and a bike ride, I felt very lazy over the weekend; my main focus was to sort through the 1500 or so photographs I had taken, mostly in the second half of my stay.
So, for want of more organised words – there will be more, promise – a very quick selection of a few of my favourite shots.

Lupins covering the hillside near Chew’s Ridge

Up at the solar panels

I took a hike up the creek

The writing desk in cabin 18, where I stayed on my last night.

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