Yen Shou

‘Turning against present awareness, you lose the essence of your own mind; pursuing comparative and wrong awareness, you falsely recognize external sense-objects. All day long you use mind to grasp mind, use illusion to take illusion as an object.’ (quoted in Swampland Flowers) As I was typing this out, at the end of a long day, […]

New Forms

This is about the midpoint of my visit, and after the constant movement of last week, now I am staying put for more than a week down in Cornwall; since there isn’t a car I can drive, I have only my feet to carry me about. The weather, similarly, has settled down, with sunshine and […]

Gesshin Greenwood

‘In my experience, there is a lot of basic trust involved in Buddhist practice. First of all, I trust in my basic potential to wake up. This is a basic, fundamental trust that I touch in with every time I sit down on a meditation cushion. If I didn’t trust that I have capacity and […]

Nyogen Senzaki

‘This meditation hall is sometimes quite warm in the summer, and somewhat cold even in early winter, but we always feel it is just right when we have tea together in the kitchen. This is our miracle, and we are satisfied and happy – what else could we want?’ (Eloquent Silence) My experiences of practice […]