Suzuki Roshi

‘Even if you sit alone in the zendo, you are helping others.’ (from the Suzuki Roshi archives)

I have been spending a little time dipping in and out of the archives, and this line jumped out at me. I often hear – and perhaps most often at Tassajara, which feels most remote from the ‘outside world’ – the query as to whether secluding oneself in what seems to be a solitary, even selfish practice, is of benefit to the world. When there is so much to fight for, what is the value of this practice?
The longer I practise, the more I feel that there is nothing better that we can do for this world than follow these teachings and manifest them in our lives. This does not stop me from thinking I may be complacent in that belief, but I will keep trying. As I have heard often as well, when we sit in zazen, at the very least we are not creating more harm.

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