Katagiri Roshi

‘In Buddhist history the word silence corresponds to right view: seeing impermanence, the truth that everything is appearing, disappearing, and changing from moment to moment. Impermanence is not something you see objectively – it is something you taste directly. Then impermanence makes you silent, because impermanence is very quiet. That silence connects you with a deep sense of human value.’ (Each Moment is the Universe)

In Shinshu’s book, she suggests this book by Katagiri as another valuable insight into the way that Dogen looks at time. With my current class on Dogen, it seemed worth dipping into it again.

3 thoughts on “Katagiri Roshi

  1. Thank you – am re-reading Shinshu’s book and getting so much from it, making notes of her references for further reading. Much more aware of tasting directly and of the universal in each moment…I really appreciate your posts. In gassho jerry


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