Atmospheric River

I am not much of a one for harbouring end-of-times thoughts, unless I stop too long to think about the fate of the planet through climate change, but it has certainly been a strange year so far.
On Wednesday, in the early hours, there was a small earthquake in the Bay Area – enough to wake me up, and for me to then decide that it had been short and not too intense, so I went right back to sleep again.
The rest of the day was by and large filled with rain, interspersed with some thunder, which is rare around these parts; I got out on my bike to Rainbow before it set in, and was glad I didn’t have to go out again. But then I did opt to go running towards the end of the afternoon, when, as last time, there was a timely lull in the storm.
Once again, up on Twin Peaks, I could feel the force of the wind blowing – not only that, I could hear it roaring through the stanchions of the Sutro Tower. As I got closer to it, I saw a large tree down across the tower workers’ access road, with one car caught underneath it, and others trying to work out if they could get out another way around the reservoir.
I had intended to run across Mount Sutro through the woods, but a short way in, hearing branches falling around me on the windward slopes, I thought better of it and headed instead for the safer environs of Mount Olympus and Corona Heights, enjoying the long vistas of deep, lowering clouds, the fading light and growing illumination of the city, and the other rivers – of headlights and tail lights in the constant flow over the Bay Bridge and up and down the length of Market Street.

Further afield, the daily spectacle of political events in England continue to mesmerise (perhaps best summed up in this article) with no clear way forward, and of course things over in the US continue to feel similarly unprecedented and out of joint. I am typing this with the rain lashing at the window, my laptop temporarily booted from a USB drive, which at least points to the fact that at least that is not broken, even if it is not fully restored. I appreciate having an actual keyboard again.

img_0009I am not sure I have taken a single picture with my camera so far this year, but I have started taking pictures with my phone, including this of the sunset on Saturday, when I was out of town, and enjoying a break in the rain.

img_0034 copyThe rather compelling – at least to me – weather radar from Wednesday afternoon.

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