Kobun Chino

‘If you say that you can only take care of what’s inside of your skin, and what’s outside of your skin is someone else’s problem, that doesn’t work. Your external body, limitlessly opened, is the larger part of your body, actually. The inside of your skin is a very small part. It’s a landmark, where your mind is resting. Whatever exists externally is all included in your being. It doesn’t matter if it appears to be pleasant or unpleasant. The question is how to see each being in its essential nature, not how it appears and not how it should change. This may be just your temporary perception, so you have to be very clear about what exists, not how it should be.’ (Embracing Mind)

I read this as Kobun’s exposition on Dogen’s (or Changsha’s) ‘The entire world of the ten directions is the radiant light of the self.’

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