Suzuki Roshi

‘So even though you sit, you know, and watching something like sunflower [laughs]– someone was looking, you know, in front of sunflower– watching the sunflower in hot sun, and I tried. It was wonderful, you know. I feel whole universe in the sunflower. That is my, you know, experience, but I don’t know how someone […]

Jon Kabat-Zinn

‘We are constantly shoveling into our minds more things to react to; more things to think, worry, and obsess about; and more things to remember, as if our own daily lives did not produce enough on their own. The ultimate irony is that we do it to get some respite from our own concerns an […]

Vincent Katz

Everyone takes the subway, and you can look up, And look at all the people, and each one is different, And they look different, and each one has a story, and suddenly, You are awake and want to know each story, only you can’t, Don’t have time, they don’t, don’t want to maybe. But some […]

Spending Money

Following my urges from last week, I saw a bike that totally fitted the bill for what I was after. The person who was selling it was obviously a bike person, and had built it up for himself, only to find he wasn’t using it as much as some of his other rides. I allowed […]


‘Quietly think over whether life and all things that arise together with life are inseparable or not. There is neither a moment nor a thing that is apart from life. There is neither an object nor a mind that is apart from life.’ (Shobogenzo Zenki)


‘The mind ground can go into the ordinary, into the holy, into the pure, into the defiled, into the real, into the conventional; but it is not your “real” or “conventional,” “ordinary” or “holy.” It can put labels on all the real and conventional, the ordinary and holy, but the real and conventional, the ordinary […]


‘When will you ever stop competing? Before you realize, the scenery of spring had turned to autumn. The leaves fall, the geese migrate, the frost gradually grows colder. Clothed and shod, what more do you seek?’  (Quoted in Zen Essence)