‘”It knows without touching things” [from Hongzhi’s Zazenshin]. Knowing, here, of course does not mean perception. For perception is of little measure. It does not mean understanding, for understanding is artificially constructed. Therefore, this knowing is not touching things. And not touching things is real knowing. Such knowing should not be measured as even universal knowledge. It should not be categorized as self-knowledge. This not touching means when they come in the light, I hit them in the light; when they come in the dark, I hit them in the dark. It means sitting and breaking the skin born of mother.’ (Shobogenzo Zazenshin)

So how can you know this? Can you avoid falling into one side or the other? As Dogen says in the Genjo Koan, ‘It has not carried over from the past and it is not merely arising now.’ How can you meet it?

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