The Unavoidable Perfection of the Universe

Editing, processing and uploading the Zen Center dharma talks is one of the things I do as I create a livelihood. Sometimes I have to supply a title to the talk, so I listen through for the first five or ten minutes to find a resonant phrase that isn’t just part of the preamble. Very rarely do I listen to the whole talk. I made an exception recently for one or two of Norman’s talks as he embarked on leading his first Tassajara practice periods in perhaps a couple of decades – his clear, deeply experienced, articulation of what monastic practice represents was inspiring.

Last week I was listening to Bryan’s talk, and I was so struck by his way of talking about things that I stayed glued until the end. It isn’t as long as most talks (not a bad thing in my book – forty minutes is the standard length, but I find twenty plenty! I am not sure how well most people concentrate after that anyway), so if you would like a crisp take on Dogen, koans, and reality, I highly recommend it. Writing about his shuso ceremony just a year ago. I had wondered what his dharma talks would be like. Now I know; I wish mine were as good.



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