One thought on “Keizan

  1. Peaceful Life

    Being told that is impossible,
    One believes, in despair, “Is that so?”
    Being told that it is possible,
    One believes, in excitement, “That’s right.”
    But, whichever is chosen,
    It does not fit one’s heart neatly.

    Being asked, “What is unfitting?”
    I don’t know what it is.
    But my heart knows somehow.
    I feel an irresistible desire to know.
    What a mystery “human” is!

    As to this mystery:
    Knowing how to live,
    Knowing how to walk with people,
    Demonstrating and teaching,
    This is the Buddha.

    From my human eyes,
    I feel it’s really impossible to become a Buddha.
    But this “I,” regarding what the Buddha does,
    Vows to practice,
    To aspire,
    To be resolute,
    And tells myself, “Yes I will.”
    Just practice right here now,
    And achieve continuity,
    This is living in vow.
    Herein is one’s peaceful life found.

    The Bodhisattva Vows
    However innumerable beings may be, I vow to save them all
    However inexhaustible the passions may be, I vow to transform them all
    However limitless the Dharma may be, I vow to comprehend it completely
    However infinite the Buddha’s Truth is, I vow to realize it.

    Dainin Katagiri Roshi

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